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Did you get to attend Ruth's "Convocation of Queens Online Summit" Last May 20-30,2021? If not we've got you covered with our video replay compilation library featuring the 7-day gathering held for women around the globe.


Be ready to dominate your world with the mentorship and encouragement from featured  global speakers : Heidi Baker, LaShaon Brooks, Dr.Pat Francis, Charity Bradshaw, Bethany Hicks, Angela Cannon, and Nancy Vuu.


1st day: World of intimate love and worship

Heidi Baker- Filmed May 24 2021

The love of God is the transformative agent for all mankind. Without His love, life is meaningless. Will empower and encourage leaders to seek intimacy and worship for greater revelations that we need to be able to hear, understand and obey Him with clarity, as our lifestyle and release to the world.


2nd day : Revolutionary World

Lashaon Brooks – Filmed May 25,2021

How a queen while being wild and free, be able to start a movement.

From within herself to the world !


3rd day  : Chayil World

Pat Francis – Filmed May 26,2021

Chayil means “God fearing, wise, powerful, honorable, wealthy, influential, strong, valiant, excellent, mighty, trained, creative, strategic, victorious, courageous and many more. The powerful, great glory of Christ in every believer revealed. Will help women be Transformed to transform society.


4th day : Personal Stewardship World

Charity Bradshaw – Filmed May 27,2021

Activate and accelerate you into your purpose and help you move past the excuses hindering you from doing the big thing that is in your heart.


5th day : Prophetic World

Bethany Hicks – Filmed May 28,2021

To empower and encourage women to tap into the Revelations of God that unlocks the supernatural within them, to bring about transformation and reformation to the world around them.


6th day : Entrepreneurial World

Angela Cannon – Filmed May 29,2021

Guide leaders to bring visions to life and people together in meaningful ways. Resulting in a deeper sense of individual and collective clarity, alignment and purpose in the workplace and beyond .


7th Day "Entertainment and Fashion World"

Nancy Vuu – Filmed May 30,2021

Create a positive experience that empowers women to recognize and walk into their full identity and greatness.

Convocation Of Queens Video Replay Compilation Library

  •  Must be connected to WIFI to access videos

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