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"Back by popular demand"



Girl with Arms Stretched Out

 Have you ever wondered what the Inner healing and deliverance ministry is all about?

Or have you experienced the freedom of encountering Jesus through a inner healing
and deliverance session and want others to experience the same but don't know how?

Perhaps its time for you get equipped through
Dr.Ruth's 3 Days Workshop
Inner Healing & Deliverance Simplified 


  • You will understand the basics of Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministry in a simplified and uncomplicated way.

  • You will be empowered to implement easy steps of Inner Healing and Deliverance to yourself and those around you.

  • Dr. Ruth will share and impart successful keys that she has been applying in her own Inner Healing Sessions.

  • You will learn effective Principles and Foundations about inner healing that Dr. Ruth has learned through 4 different models.

  •  Question and answer with Dr. Ruth.

  • Receive video replays for missed days.


  • April 10-12,2024

  • 7PM-9PM (PDT)










"I have good news for you, Friend !!!


I am inviting you to the world of simplified, uncomplicated inner healing and deliverance. At this workshop, you can expect to understand the basics of inner healing, a few steps on how to apply it, and be able to implement it for yourself and your friends anytime you need it. 


During our three-day workshop together, I will share successful keys from what I have learned and continue to implement them in sessions. 


I can give you basic yet effective Principles and Foundations about inner healing that I have learned through 4 different models as well as what I have discovered and learned through years of personal experience in my own practice. 


I will not be teaching what a therapy session looks like, (I don't do therapy), nor am I going to teach you a model that has been copied. Instead, I will share with you the powerful tools I have used for over 20 years that will make it easy for you to understand Inner healing and deliverance.


I am excited to be with you in a relaxed setting, where you can ask questions with ease and apply what you will learn in combination with your own gifting of discernment and revelation.


  1. This is not a certification program.

  2. No one is forcing anyone to believe what is being taught, but is encouraged to test every word, every teaching with the foundational Truth of the Word of God. 

  3. You are responsible for all the outcome that your sessions will have . 

With the True love of the Lord in your life, you get to hear the clear voice of the Holy Spirit, thus, be able to receive the right revelations that bring freedom and healing to your heart, mind, soul, and spirit. 

Sweet Holy Spirit, have Your way.  


See You!"


Founder Of Beautiful Powerful Women,  Spiritual Life Coach,

Pastor, 100x challenge Inner Healing Minister, Events Coordinator

 and Author Of The Power Of Obedience




April 10-12,2024

7 PM-9 PM (PDT)


I came into it nervous, not sure what to expect but open minded to learn. You truly made it simple to follow and easy to understand. Your point by point explanation and practical examples made it so relatable to day to day application to my own inner healing journey. 

It is a tool to apply on my own personal journey as well as helping others to understand the importance of investing in their own inner healing. The breakout rooms were powerful as it gave us the chance to practice. For me, it has been an empowering experience and you over delivered with the 2 bonus days!"


Kafui Ayer (USA)

"Mama Ruth, I want to thank you for the Inner Healing and Deliverance workshop. You trained on it in such a way that is really accessible, simplified and applicable for the lay minister to grasp and understand. You delivered it in a way we can really practice in our day-to-day. The last session (bonus q&a) was pretty impactful for me. It is the perfect intimate starting point for anyone who is new to inner healing and want to understand it more, not necessarily looking for certification but want to practice it for themselves or their immediate ministry circles. Thank you for obeying the Lord’s prompting in doing this. You’re changing many lives one healed heart layer at a time."


Kaye Mogol Guerrero. (PH)

"Ruth, I can’t thank you enough for the inner healing sessions that has blessed me more than you know. The 3 day workshop was great, amazing, enlightening and powerful. When you said simplified you meant it. I feel empowered and ready to help myself and others to heal inside out "


Lisa Nash (USA)

"I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the Lord’s care and healing through the ministry of Ruth.  I was amazed at her ability to hear the Lord without me telling her much.  It was spot on, and I received healing in areas I wasn’t aware that I even needed it.  I highly recommend her services."

Julie S. (USA)

"Thank you for today. It was a new level of connection for me using visualization and creativity as one thing I wouldn’t describe myself and is creative 😅 . But you show me otherwise through today's session. It was very valuable to me. Thank you!"

Maria C. (UK/Poland)

"Dr. Ruth is such a beautiful vessel of God. She led me to experience multiple breakthroughs in my life with our sessions. I’ve never felt so secure in my identity in Christ and as close with the Father as I do now. So much trauma has broken off, things I’ve suppressed unknowingly. Absolutely.  Life. Changing. Dr. Ruth is a game-changer in the kingdom for sure!"

Imani B. (USA)

"I experienced my very first Inner Healing Prayer session with Dr. Ruth Cube Keijdener and it was glorious as I surrendered to my Lord, Jesus Christ and he washed away my sins as we prayed together for peace and renounced all the spirits of darkness that were tormenting me. I was set free! Right after our session I sat down to reflect and heard the song, “Set Free” by Hope Darst. It is my new heart song!! ♥️ Thank you Dr. Ruth for your service & obedience without which I might have been perpetually stuck in between glory and death. Amen 🙌👑👸🏻"

Dianne H.(USA)

"So grateful for the beautiful session I had today with Dr. Ruth and Papa God! So many sweet kisses from heaven (Words of Confirmation)! We began with worship and the Holy Spirit began to flow with Words that were like honey to my soul, so uplifting and oh-so comforting. "Time to speak," is absolutely spot on, I have been silent far too long! I was overwhelmed by how lovingly, graciously and tenderly the Lord spoke through Dr. Ruth. His heart poured through her heart to touch mine!"

Cecyl V (USA)

Ruth, you have a deep heart connection to the Father. You feel and resonate with what heaven is saying and it’s almost like you’re transported to another dimension when praying for people.  I see worship as a huge factor in this. Angels are with you and all around helping you to bring true intimate worship from the father to his people.  I know you see people’s hearts. It’s like you touch them with Jesus' hand and they just know they have been touched by God. It’s pure and genuine. It’s a gift and I just feel it without even knowing you personally. Keep being you. It’s beautiful to the Father.

 J Ballard (USA)

"Ruth yesterday and it was soooooo encouraging. So much hope, inspiration, and ideas for how to handle the difficult things in life right now. If you haven't scheduled yours yet, make sure you do! You don't want to miss out"

Lisa S (USA)

This week I had my first-ever inner healing session. I’m grateful for Dr. Ruth being used by the Lord so I can finally forgive my dad. I had no idea I was carrying abandonment wounds from my father all these 40 years. This week I walk into freedom. The enemy no longer has a foothold over this part of my heart. This week, as generational wounds heal, I am reminded—of how good, SO GOOD a Father our God is. how, if God can look at me, love me, and forgive me unconditionally, I can do the same for dad. how God continues to pursue our hearts for healing, so we can show up whole for the people we love. I see restoration on the horizon. Sharing this photo of my mom, dad, and I with my then-newborn son (he’s almost 13 now). Future generations will benefit from this one session alone. Thank you Jesus, healing is here. 🙏🏼💙

Kaye M (US / Philippines)

  1. This is not a certification program.

  2. This is not Therapy

  3. No one is forcing anyone to believe what is being taught, but is encouraged to test every word, every teaching with the foundational Truth of the Word of God. 

  4. You are responsible for all the outcome that your sessions will have . 


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