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Our pilgrimage through the Philippines was a soul-stirring testament to the omnipresent love of God. From the bustling thoroughfares of Tondo, where the heartbeat of the city echoes with vibrant life, to the solemn confines of high-security prisons, where hope flickers like a lone candle in the darkness, our expedition traversed the breadth of human experience.


In each locale, we were enveloped by a tapestry of divine compassion, woven intricately with the threads of Jesus's boundless love. As we ventured from the bustling urban centers to the serene sanctuaries of remote villages, we witnessed the resilience of the human spirit, shining brightly amidst adversity like a beacon of hope in the night.


Amidst the warmth of hospitality that greeted us at every turn, we found solace and strength in the shared bonds of faith that transcended language and culture. Together, we laughed in the face of challenges, our voices mingling like harmonious melodies in a symphony of joy. And in moments of quiet reflection, tears of gratitude and awe flowed freely, mirroring the depths of our souls touched by the divine presence.


As we pause to ponder the sacred tapestry of our journey, we carry with us the echoes of laughter that reverberate through the corridors of memory, the tears of joy that glisten like dewdrops in the morning light, and the unwavering spirit of Jesus that binds us together as one family, united in love and hope for a better tomorrow.


Interview With Speaker Rev. David Hogan Of Freedom Ministires


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Dr. Ruth Cube Keijdener

Dr. Ruth cube keijdener, is Founder & CEO Of Beautiful Powerful Women Ministries, RCK Events, and RCK Ministries,  a breakthrough coach, author of "Power Of Obedience" and “Hope Arise “She is an ordained minister both in the US and in the Philippines and Indonesia . Whilst educated with a degree in Doctor of Optometry at Centro Escolar University in the Philippines, one of her passionate calling has been in healing and deliverance ministry primarily, where she gets to call the true identity of a person and help them have clarity with their purpose and destiny by walking with them and loving them through their traumas and deep wounds to freedom. She believes that true freedom comes from the revelation encounters with the Holy Spirit. Ruth has been affiliated with charities, organizations, and churches in diverse locations around the globe, such as  “Iris-Global” (Mozambique), Global Awakening (USA) ,HIS Ministries (India ), Revelation Church ( Manila ), Watts of Love (the Philippines and Malawi), “Nightlight” (Thailand), Immanuel Fellowship ( Vietnam), Hope of Glory Church (Korea) , Hope 4 You Netherlands, Hossana Ministry (Indonesia) and many more.


Charity Cook

Global Awakening Associate

Charity is a frequent speaker at many of our events and brings a prophetic teaching gift to her ministry along with a deep well of practical equipping. As a Global Awakening associate evangelist, she has proven to be a woman of character, anointing, and deep thinking. Charity is a graduate of Global School of Supernatural Ministry’s inaugural class and has been serving on the Global staff since 2006.


Charity grew up in Pennsylvania but since joining Global, she has ministered all around the world, seeing the Body of Christ encouraged and built up. 

Charity developed a strong prophetic gifting during her time in ministry school, and is known to deliver timely, accurate prophetic words. In addition, she enjoys the impact of expository preaching & discovering the truths of Scripture. She holds a M.A. in Practical Theology from Regent University, serves as Executive Assistant for Global Awakening, and is travelling internationally for ministry engagements.

Rev. David Hogan

Freedom Ministries

David Hogan was born and raised in North Louisiana. His family for generations before him were men who preached the Gospel. After being around the Gospel for many years he rebelled against hypocrisy and God and lived a hard life with drinking, gangs and violence. He and his wife Debbie were married in 1971 in Louisiana. While he was working in the oil field his wife got saved and began praying with David’s parents for his salvation. While on an airplane to the oil field in Alaska he received a direct challenge from God to be that man who was no hypocrite but sought after and walked in the power of God. He accepted Jesus as his Saviour and immediately returned on the next flight.
Upon returning everything was changed and he began to pastor a small church in North Louisiana where they had many souls saved each week. Later he received the power of the Holy Spirit by being prayed for.
In 1977 after taking a trip to the mission field in Mexico he came home to find his wife also having heard from God that this place is where they were supposed to give their lives for the Gospel.


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